Why ‘The Way of Wellbeing’?

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When I was a 4th year university student coming to the end of my studies and on the brink of embarking on a new and daunting career we did a subject which focused on starting a business.  The teacher got us thinking about what we would call our business and the importance of a name.  Having spent the better part of 4 years immersed in the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine I got to thinking of the foundations of this ancient system.

The wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine stems from Taoism – an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao-Tzu – a Master whose writings form the Tao Te Ching – an ancient text.  Taoism focuses on one living in the present ‘with’ the flow of nature so as to remain healthy and well.  To ‘go against the grain’ is to create dis-ease and disharmony.  They call this ‘The Tao’ which can also be translated to ‘The Way’.  The Way of living and being to remain healthy, happy and peaceful.

In creating my business name I have incorporated this fundamental concept by including ‘The Way’ in the title….The Way of Wellbeing!

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