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After being home-bound for a lot of the past two years we are now back out in the world with all the nasty bugs floating around, as well as these arctic winds!

From being less exposed to varying bugs and bacteria, our immune systems have potentially re-calibrated to a level where they may not be operating at the same strength as before, as it hasn’t had a need to….just my thoughts.

So what can we do to stay as healthy as possible this winter?

First, stock your medicine cabinet with all things immune priming: Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Chinese Herbs.  To find out what these are, get in touch.  

Some of you may like to be on an immune boosting regimen as part of your daily routine, so to find out dosages and suggested products click the ‘get in touch’ link above and I can organise to discuss this with you via email.  I always suggest ‘practitioner only’ products which, yes can be a little more expensive, but are also of top quality with assured therapeutic concentration of active ingredients.  Others, may only want to start taking supplements once sick.  It’s a personal choice, but either way it can be useful to get some professional advice as how to manage herbal medicines and supplements during this time.

On that note :), Acupuncture is a wonderful way to stay healthy and to keep our defence Qi firing as a protective mechanism against disease. It is also helpful in clearing sickness from the body if it manages to invade.  For bookings, click here.

Secondly, dress appropriately!  At the back of the neck are two points called the Wind Gates.  It is here that pathogenic evil can enter to body and attack.  Have you ever noticed that when you get a cold, sometimes you also get a stiff neck or the chills?  A headache?  This can be because of Wind invading these points.  So scarves!!!  Great tools for covering the neck and staying warm.

Eat well – this is the time for stews, casseroles and soups.  Warm, cooked, nourishing foods which the body can absorb easily.  Our internal energy goes into somewhat of a ‘hibernation’ mode so we want to be as gentle with it as possible by making the breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients nice and easy.

Sleep!  As mentioned above, winter is hibernation time and in living according to the season this is the time to be in our caves (homes) by dark, out of the elements and warm in our beds….or at least on the couch with a book and cup of tea!  Getting plenty of rest will allow our bodies to recharge and heal.  

Stay well, stay warm and take your health into your own hands – there is plenty you can do 🙂

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