Nutrition & Stress Management

Your treatment plan may include some dietary guidance and/or some lifestyle suggestions, introduced in a way that’s manageable for you. This is so that in between your visits to the clinic you are starting to integrate changes into your life and day-to-day activities that are going to assist with your overall healing and wellbeing. And remember, it’s always your choice!

Traditional Chinese Medicine integrates all aspects of one’s life into healing the body and mind. Certain foods and lifestyle factors may aggravate or assist your condition and these will be outlined for you to take note during and/or after your initial consultation.

Meditation and Relaxation
In this busy buzzy world we live in our bodies tend to hold a lot of tension and stress.  Not only can this cause us to feel unwell with symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety and digestive issues – just to name a few, it can also weaken our immune system leaving us susceptible to illness.

At The Way of Wellbeing relaxation is an integral part of your treatment.  This may be in the form of teaching you some relaxation techniques while you are having your acupuncture treatment, or it may be in the form of a meditation class or workshop.  If you are relaxed on the treatment table you will receive optimum benefits from your acupuncture.  You can also take what you learn in the clinic home to practice.

Chinese Dietary Therapy
This is also offered as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with herbal medicine and/or acupuncture.  Generally, after your initial consultation some dietary input will be given.  Eating is something we all do everyday.  Our bodies need fuel to function.  So it only makes sense that what we put into our bodies (machines) will impact the way we feel and the way it functions.  Changes made at the initial stage of your treatment do not necessarily have to be ‘forever’, but if suggested they will be important in aiding your recovery, at least for the short term.

Classes & Workshops
Classes and workshops on a variety of topics, including stress management & nutrition, will be offered from time to time – see ‘Events’ page.  If you would like to register your interest to attend these classes then please go the to the ‘Contact’ page and send us a message.

One-on-One meditation/relaxation sessions can also be booked as a stand alone appointment.

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