Fertility Support Northern Beaches Sydney

What are some issues that can arise with Fertility? Some women struggle to fall pregnant – it takes longer than anticipated, or perhaps they are not holding their pregnancies, often [...]

Stay well this winter…

After being home-bound for a lot of the past two years we are now back out in the world with all the nasty bugs floating around, as well as these arctic winds! From being less exposed to varying [...]

Managing Covid-19

There is a lot of varying information floating around about Covid-19. Time to get the facts straight and work on preventing the spread.

My approach to the current virus situation…

With the world going crazy over this Coronavirus situation, its a good time to remind ourselves of basic immune protecting protocol. This is a topic I tend to ‘harp on’ about quite a [...]

Stress….the cause of it all…?

I get asked a lot in my profession about stress and its affect on the body. From my own personal experience and from that which I see in the clinic I feel as if I am starting to really understand [...]

Detox….Way of Wellbeing style…

Spring is here and this is the perfect time to complete a cleanse of the Liver and body in general. I get many patients asking for my views on detoxing as there are plenty of different types and [...]

Meditation – a powerful tool…

The benefits of meditation are far and wide. Essentially this ancient and basic practice switches off the hormones of stress that circulate in our blood causing chaos and disharmony to various [...]

Winter Notes…

Winter is the time where our energy moves inwards and sits deeper in the body. This is the time for resting, regeneration and repair. It is a time for slowing down, a time for meditation – to be [...]

Congee – Winter warmer and family health tonic!

Congee is a rice porridge commonly eaten in Asian countries. It is considered to be strengthening for the body and digestive system, so is regularly given to the ill or weak. It is easily broken [...]

DIY Tool….Acupressure!

We’ve all heard the term Acupuncture and understand that it involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific acu-points on the body….but what is Acupressure? Acupressure uses [...]

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