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Autumn is the optimal time to prepare the body for the onslaught of Winter and all that it brings. Unfortunately in society today we live at a very fast pace, working long hours, rushing around with not much time for rest and recuperation. This leaves us susceptible to ‘catching’ any illnesses and bugs we are exposed to. Antibiotic resistance has created mutated strains of viruses and bacterial infections, and each year we are faced with a new barrage of health risks and warnings.

Although very effective in managing disease once established in the body, traditionally Chinese Medicine is used as a PREVENTATIVE medicine – to keep ourselves well and healthy so that we are strong enough to ward off illness before it attacks. This is a foreign concept to us in the West, where we are conditioned to only seek treatment once we are ill. Western Medicine however seems to be coming round to this Eastern alternate way of thinking and is realising the benefits and necessity in priming the immune system to remain healthy rather than having to restore it once someone has already become ill.

So, what is involved in an immune system ‘tune-up’?

An initial appointment to look at your physical history and determine the current state of your immune system where you’ll also be given an acupuncture treatment to boost the body into ‘healing mode’ (Acupuncture is totally optional for those who don’t want it – you can still reap great rewards from herbal medicine and dietary/lifestyle advice). We will then organise some further sessions throughout Autumn and Winter to maintain a strong immune system. The frequency of these will depend on the state of your health at your initial appointment but once the body is in balance and functioning well a monthly tune up is all that should be needed to see you through.

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