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What are some issues that can arise with Fertility?

Some women struggle to fall pregnant – it takes longer than anticipated, or perhaps they are not holding their pregnancies, often miscarrying early on.  This can be the case for first time mothers, but also those who may have easily fallen pregnant and carried to full-term previously.

Some women opt for IVF treatment and this in itself can cause discomfort with medicinal side effects, hyper stimulation of the ovaries and reproductive aging.


How are Fertility issues diagnosed?

To begin with the menstrual cycle is closely looked at.  How long is the cycle?  What is the length of the bleed?  What is the consistency? Are there any clots? Is there cramping, headaches or breast tenderness?

The Body Basal Temperature (BBT) chart is also studied in some cases as this gives a helpful picture of what the hormones are doing and also the internal health of the patient.  Is there a clear ovulation occurring?  Is the luteal phase long enough to sustain a viable implantation?

Blood tests are also looked at to ascertain the health of the patient, hormone levels, potential clotting issues, iron deficiency etc.


What are the causes of Fertility issues?

Sometimes the way that we live here in the Western world isn’t in accordance with the flow of nature and in the best interest of our health.  The quality of our food, the amount of processed food we ingest, our lack of sleep, the pace at which we live at, the stress and pressure of the increasing cost of living, the length of our working hours etc etc – these all contribute to our body being out of balance and hence our hormones.

Of course there can be more serious causes of fertility issues such as structural damage – for example blocked fallopian tubes, anovulation due to over exercising and/or undereating, Natural Killer (NK) cells causing frequent miscarriages etc, and these can all be diagnosed with some simple tests.


Acupuncture and Fertility

Hormones are very sensitive to all the factors listed above and it doesn’t take much for them to go out of whack and hence disrupt the natural flow of things.

Perhaps your doctor has run tests and told you ‘everything is normal’ and to ‘just keep trying’ but you know something isn’t quite right.  This is where visiting you acupuncturist can be useful.

Acupuncture is wonderful at tapping into the bodies homeostatic mechanism, which is the body’s innate healing system – always moving towards balance.  With some simple treatment, and perhaps some herbal medicine the body can find its balance and start to ‘do’ what nature intended.

Acupuncture is also very relaxing as at the very least it releases endorphins into the blood stream – the body’s natural feel good hormones – and we know that when relaxed, deep healing can occur.

For more information, see your acupuncturist.



Disclaimer: Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary from patient to patient based upon the circumstances of the patient’s specific situation.  A result is not promised and/or guaranteed from the act of receiving a treatment.

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