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Spring is here and this is the perfect time to complete a cleanse of the Liver and body in general.

I get many patients asking for my views on detoxing as there are plenty of different types and styles, fads, products used and programs to follow.  It seems to be an area of confusion for a lot of people.  So here is my take…

The idea of a detox is to rid the body of built up toxins and stagnant waste.  It is a chance to reset our filtering systems and waste systems – the Liver, Kidneys, Stomach and Intestines.

There are a lot of very severe ‘detox diets’ and products out there that can seriously damage the body.

My belief is that anything too extreme will shock the body and cause more harm than good – you will spend the weeks and months following the ‘detox’ having to repair the damage and bringing the body back to optimal function.

As with any changes that we want to make, being gentle and nurturing with ourselves will be the kindest approach and with the most effective results.  We want to softly encourage the body to rid itself of toxic build up while giving our bodily systems a gentle tune up.

At The Way of Wellbeing a detox program is tailored specifically to YOU – that is, your specific constitution, needs and with the aim of improving YOUR health and wellbeing.

In general I usually ask patients to spend a duration of 2-4 weeks excluding certain foods from the diet – primarily caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and sometimes dairy.  I give patients a general diet guideline to follow loosely.  This is to make you AWARE of the foods that will assist and those that will impede the detoxing process.  The aim is not to make this an arduous task – you still have a life to live and enjoy – so it is about encouraging you to do what you feel you can manage, one step at a time.

Alongside following some dietary guidelines I will sometimes prescribe some supplements and/or herbal medicine to take at the same time and sometimes following the dietary exclusion period.  Once again this depends on YOUR body and imbalances needing to be corrected.

On this note, I feel I must state that my approach is always to have you taking as little supplements and herbal medicine as possible as I do believe we can achieve most of what we need to through diet, however when it comes to a detox and clearing sometimes YEARS of built-up waste, extra help can certainly move things along more efficiently and effectively.

Acupuncture is used during the process to aid the body in correcting itself, managing symptoms and resetting optimum function.

This is all just a very general guideline.  As mentioned above, a program will be tailored to YOU individually after a thorough consultation.

If you are interested in utilising this beautiful time of year to Spring clean your body, please get in touch by either clicking here or pressing the ‘Book Here’ button on the menu bar to make your appointment.






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