Chinese Herbs & Supplements

As part of your treatment plan Chinese Herbal Medicine and/or supplements may be prescribed, with or without Acupuncture. This is to enhance your treatment should it become evident that it would be an effective adjunct.  Alternatively, clients are able to choose Herbal Medicine as their modality of choice, should they not be open to receiving acupuncture.  Please keep in mind that part of our philosophy is ‘less is more’ when it comes to ingesting medicines, so this would only be suggested if absolutely necessary.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a modality in itself; one of a few that fit under the larger umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Using herbs and/or supplements we are able to create an effect on the ‘internal’ aspect of dis-ease.  This is particularly useful in areas such as gynaecology, digestion, fertility and skin issues…just to name a few.

Since ancient times, the medicinal properties of plants has been studied and we are now able to confidently prescribe them to assist in the easing of many conditions and complaints.  It is important to remember that herbal medicines can have the same potency as some pharmaceutical drugs, so should be considered with the same respect and caution.

Herbal & Supplement formats
The Way of Wellbeing uses a variety of herbal medicine formats including liquid tincture, granules, and pills or capsules. This is the same for vitamin/mineral supplements.  We only use products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which are of the highest quality and adhere to very strict quality manufacturing guidelines.  Most of our herbal medicines/supplements are ‘practitioner prescribed’.  This is to ensure that you receive the highest quality and therapeutic quantity of the required product.

Ordering Guidelines
Most of our suppliers will ship directly to you, our clients to ensure that you are able to commence your regime as soon as possible.  Please note, the cost of your Herbs and/or supplements will be in addition to your consultation fee.

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