Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

An initial consultation at The Way of Wellbeing will involve an in depth analysis of your complaint or area of concern, as well as of your health in general.  It can sometimes be a little odd to be asked about aspects of your health completely unrelated to what you have come to the clinic for.  This is because in Chinese Medicine, we view the whole body as a system of interconnected parts where an imbalance in one area will affect the whole system.  By completing this assessment we are able to form a clear picture of your whole body and where we need to focus treatment, according to Chinese Medical principles.

A treatment plan will be devised in conjunction with you and your treatment preferences.  Whether you have chosen to have Acupuncture as your treatment or just Herbal Medicine, your pulses and tongue will be studied to gain a greater insight into the state of your health.  This is usually conducted in the treatment room where you will be made to feel comfortable with relaxing music, burning oils/incense and dim lighting.  The treatment table is wide and soft.  A lot of clients fall asleep in their treatments!

Adjunct therapies are sometimes used with Acupuncture or separately.  These include moxibustion, gua sha (scraping), cupping, the use of a heat lamp, or meditation/relaxation therapy.

It is important to us that you feel nurtured, listened to and comfortable at all times.  Your wellbeing and experience at the clinic, and through correspondence with us is integral to our service.

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