Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jacqui Cooper also teaches meditation & relaxation. Her workshops cover a range of topics including:


  • body & mind ‘detoxing’
  • managing energy levels
  • simple healthy diet steps
  • life choices & juggling demand

What is a session with Jacqui like?
Your initial consultation with Jacqui will involve a thorough discussion about all areas of your health and wellbeing. This is so she can start to identify a pattern that is causing the imbalance or complaint in your body/mind. Jacqui is trained in integrative Chinese Medicine as well as traditional, so may request blood test results and other information from you prior to your appointment. From this information and that gathered during your initial consultation, she will devise and talk you through a recommended treatment plan. The plan could include one or more of her modalities: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, cupping, dietary therapy, etc. However, you always have the final decision about how to approach your own health. If you are having acupuncture, you will also receive your first treatment at your initial appointment.

While all her patients are valued and given exceptional care, Jacqui has a particular passion for treating Women’s Health, Fertility & Pregnancy, Mental Health, Stress Management and Children.

Jacqui is a degree qualified and government registered Dr of Chinese Medicine and therefore rebates can be claimed from your private health fund should you have cover for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


  • Bachelor Health Science: Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Mindd Practitioner


  • AHPRA & CMBA (Chinese Medical Board of Aust): CMR0001711520
  • AACMA (Aust. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Assoc.): #2030
  • Mindd Foundation
  • ACNEM (Aust. College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine)
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